Countdown to China

January 9, 2006

7:12 PM Special thanks to Randy Birkey and the team at for developing the Keep Believing site over the last few months. Since late September my main weblog has been on the Crosswalk website. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to migrate the daily weblog to this website. But it will take a while to make the change. Until then, I’ll be posting daily weblogs on both sites. Eventually the daily weblog will be here, and I’ll use the Crosswalk website to do essays, articles, reviews, etc.
12:44 PM This weekend Nick and Mark and Dave McKee will travel to Harbin in far northern China to visit the Ice Festival and to see the Harbin Tiger Park.
8:40 AM When we got up this morning, Marlene said, “I’ve got to make a list.” This is countdown week for China. Nick leaves from Birmingham on Wednesday, and Marlene and I fly from Chicago on Sunday. Yesterday when Nick left for Birmingham, we told him, “We’ll see you in China next week.”
8:39 AM Do you Sudoku? Marlene does.
8:38 AM 80 miles.

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