Corinth, Jacinto, Shiloh

March 10, 2006

10:53 AM On Tuesday we received this note from ZDL Books in Beijing: “The first print run (of the Chinese version of An Anchor for the Soul) started today.” This is wonderful news, and the printing would not have been possible without the generous giving of many people in many places. Thanks again to everyone who supported the Anchor for China project.
10:08 AM Received a nice note from Charles Holmes, a missionary serving in Thailand:

God richly bless you for your wonderful donation of An Anchor for the Soul. It was our understanding that the books were to be given to prisoners in Thailand. Thus we have been busy distributing them to prisoners in 24 different prisons in Thailand. Since most of the English speaking prisoners are in Bangkok prisoners, we have given out many there.
But some Thais or Chinese or Burmese also speak English rather well, so they were given some also. We have been careful not to just drop off a stack here and there, but make sure the leaders of the many churches inside the prisons received them first. A number have also been given to the Women’s Prison in Bangkok. The Asian Institute of Technology’s Bible study group asked for a few, so we let them have them as students of different Asian countries will use them.
The book is so very practical with the illustrations anyone can understand. Surely the Lord will bless the reading of this book and many lives will be changed. That is our prayer.

9:56 AM The sermons from the series on Asymmetric Spiritual Warfare have just been added to the website.
9:49 AM This is our “get it all done” day because tomorrow I have the Civil War tour with Andy, then on Sunday morning I’m preaching at the First Baptis Churcht of Tupelo, then Marlene and I are driving to Chicago. She’ll stay in Oak Park for a few days while I speak four times at the Christian Camping and Conference Association Wisconsin Sectional meeting at Camp Wonderland. Then it’s back to Chicago for some meetings, then back to Tupelo a week from today. And I preach at the First Baptist Church of Tupelo in all services on the 19th. So we’re entering a busy period. That’s why we’ve got to “get it all done” today.
9:49 AM The weather today in NE Mississippi could hardly be better. Clear, sunny, 60 degrees right now but we should hit 75 this afternoon. Excellent biking weather.
9:44 AM Corinth, Jacinto and Shiloh. That’s where I’m going tomorrow on a Civil War tour with my brother Andy.
9:43 AM Could this be Noah’s Ark?

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