Cold in Columbus

post date: November 22, 2008

Not that this will win me any sympathy, but it’s really cold in Columbus, Ohio this morning. I know because I’m freezing already and I just got out of bed. Maybe my blood has thinned out since we moved south. People say that happens, but I don’t know if it’s true.

Or maybe I’m cold because we just spent a week in Florida where it was in the 60s most days.

Or maybe I’m cold just thinking about joining 105,000 other fans at the Ohio State-Michigan football game later today. Careful readers of this blog know that our family cheers for the Ole Miss Rebels who are playing LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this afternoon. So why am I in Columbus, Ohio? Well, I’m here visiting Bill and Mary Jo Price, dear friends we met through Word of Life. Today I’ll be going with them to the game. You needn’t ask me who I’m cheering for. They are Buckeyes through and through, and when in Rome (or Columbus), you know how it goes. So I’m cheering for Ohio State even though I can only name one of their players. I do know that Jim Tressel, their head coach, is a good man and a strong Christian. 

Yesterday the flight from Tampa to Columbus was raucous because all the Buckeye fans chanted O-H-I-O and then they sang a song that expressed their disdain for Michigan. It would be the same only in reverse if we were in Ann Arbor.

I don’t know what else to say about the game because I’m an SEC man. I know that Michigan has had a tough year and Ohio State is a huge favorite. When we drove past Ohio Stadium last night, Mary Jo pointed out that this is “the house that Woody built.”

Did I mention that it’s cold in Columbus?

I don’t think I brought enough warm clothes so I’m planning on taking a blanket or two or three. True Big Ten fans would say it’s not cold at all. After all, it’s not snowing–yet. An Ohio State fan wrote me and said that I would probably start crying when I see the Script Ohio. Anything is possible, but I think it’s gonna be too cold to shed any tears today.  


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