Code Two for Dudley Pritchard

June 24, 2006

We made it back home to Mississippi about 10:30 AM. A short night but a good flight and as we were driving back from the airport, I was savoring the blessings of the week just past. That’s unusual for me. Often when a conference is finished, I put it behind me and go on to the next thing on the calendar. But this week was so unusual and so rich that I found myself talking with Marlene about the music and the messages and the people we met and how much we needed to be at MEF and how richly blessed we were. It’s a good thing to finish a conference and still be enjoying it in your soul.
When we stopped to pick up Dudley (our seven-month-old basset hound) at the vet’s office where he had been staying, the girl at the front desk said over the intercom, “Code Two for Dudley Pritchard.” He came of the back room straining at his leash, wagging his tail and barking up a storm. He wouldn’t stop even when we put him in the car. All afternoon he’s been following us around. If I go outside, he follows me. If I get up and walk into the kitchen, he follows me, wagging his tail all the way. I think he missed us. We definitely missed him.

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