Christmas 2009

December 25, 2009

It’s been a fine Christmas, extra-fine really, because the whole family gathered in Tupelo for our first Christmas together since 2003. Back then we lived in Oak Park and none of the boys were married. Now we have Josh and Leah and Mark and Vanessa so Marlene is super-happy to have some girls in the family.

L-R Vanessa, Mark, Nick, Josh, Leah.

Last night we attended the Christmas Eve service at Harrisburg Baptist Church. This particular picture was taken with my iPhone so it’s a bit blurry but you can see our crew all together.

Book I received as Christmas gifts.

This morning we got up at a fairly leisurely hour (compared to the days when the boys would wake us at the crack of dawn) to open our gifts. Every year is a little different, and this time I really hit the jackpot in good books to read. One or two were special requests by me but the others were a surprise. So I’ll be reading about Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt and William F. Buckley and something called “The Guinea Pig Diaries.”

We’ve had an excellent day with lots of laughter, more than enough to eat, and a good time playing a game called “Wits and Wagers” that Nick won in an overwhelming fashion.

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