Chinese Translation of ABCs of Wisdom

April 9, 2006

We just received word three days ago that the Chinese translation of the ABCs of Wisdom has been officially approved for publication in China. The book contains 100 character studies based on the book of Proverbs. Here are two pictures of the book:

Inside look–ABCs Chinese Edition

Here is the special introduction to the Chinese version:

It is an honor for me to greet my Chinese readers and to know that this book will be read in many places in China. I have three sons, and all three of them have spent time teaching in China. I have visited your country twice and plan to return as soon as I can because there is so much more I want to see and so much more I want to learn. China has a big place in my heart and in my family. It is my hope that you will enjoy The ABCs of Wisdom and gain from it all that is meant for each of you. Please consider this my special gift to you!

Three thousand years ago a king named Solomon wrote a book called Proverbs. These short sayings contain the teachings of one of the wisest men who ever lived. He wrote about many topics that we all think about–how to raise our children properly, the importance of discipline and hard work, the value of kindness to the poor, how to learn contentment, how to have a pure heart, and how to bless others through the words we say.

As I studied Solomon’s writings, I was amazed at how relevant the words of this ancient king are today. It’s almost as if he knew all about life in the 21st-century even though he lived 30 centuries ago. He speaks to us from a distance, and if we listen carefully, we can discover the truth we need to live life skilfully.

Think of it this way. I am writing these words in America. You are reading them in China. But Solomon wrote the Proverbs while ruling as king over Israel. From Israel to America to China the truth remains the same because it doesn’t matter what culture we come from or what language we speak. The needs of the human heart have not changed across the generations. The building blocks of wisdom and good character are the same today as they were in Solomon’s day.

In the ABCs of Wisdom we will discover 100 qualities that will help us build strong character. If you read the words of this ancient king, and if you put them into practice, you will grow stronger and wiser and you find that your heart has changed for the better.

One final word. Please don’t read this book straight through. I wrote it to be read a little bit at a time. Read a chapter and think about what it says. Take time to think about the questions at the end of each chapter. Many parents read these chapters to their children. You may want to study the book with a friend or with a group of friends. That way you can all grow together as you study Solomon’s wisdom.

To all my friends in China, I greet you and thank you for reading this book. Come along with me as we sit at the feet of an ancient king and learn from his wisdom. Let’s grow together as we learn things that will make us stronger.

And may God bless you and all the people of China.

Ray Pritchard

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