China Clippings—November Edition

November 22, 2006

Just in time for Thanksgiving Anthony Bollback has posted the November edition of China Clippings, focusing this month on the burgeoning Back to Jerusalem movement. Thousands of Chinese Christians have dedicated themselves to carrying the gospel outside China, through the Muslim countries to the west, all the way back to Jerusalem where it all started 2000 years ago.

Many pastors who had caught the vision spent 20 or more years in prison for their faith, and though the light seemed to have been extinguished, actually it was burning passionately in their hearts, and they knew that the day would come when China would emerge from the night of persecution, and the vision would burst on the church once again. Without a doubt, that vision was sharpened by the persecution and by much earnest prayer from prison cells across the land until the day of release finally dawned. Then, it burst with renewed intensity in the hearts of men and women who now understood the pain and the blessings of suffering. Today, the church is consumed with a white-hot passion to do God’s will and to send forth 100,000 messengers with the Gospel. As this is being written, valiant men and women are already on the front lines of ministry in Xinjiang and other countries to the west. And just as Jesus said in Matthew 16, not even the gates of hell can prevent the onward advance of the gospel through these lands that have been so resistant to the gospel. It is happening, and you can have a part in carrying the vision forward through messengers in those lands by your prayers and your gifts.

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