Check Out the KBM Blogroll

October 1, 2008

Check out the brand-new blogroll on the left-hand side of this page. Scroll down past the five main buttons, then Authors, then Popular Topics, and then you come to Blogroll. At the moment there are almost 60 different blogs listed. Here are a few quick notes:

1. I have tried to include blogs from many different parts of the evangelical world.

2. I don’t necessarily agree with everything written on these blogs—nor would they necessarily agree with everything I write.

3. These bloggers definitely wouldn’t agree with each other 100%.

4. I don’t read them all every day but I scan them every day, looking for items of interest.

5. We generated this blogroll using Google Reader, which I highly recommend to you.

6. I like all these blogs for different reasons. Some are well-known, a few are written by friends of mine, some deal with very focused topics. 

7. For instance, check out H. B. Charles, Jr. for a good example of a pastor’s blog (or CrossPoint or Perry Noble). I always find good reading at Mere Comments and Blog and Mablog, and I read A Thousand Words to find out what my oldest son is thinking. I like Creation-Evolution Headlines and Joe McKeever for completely different reasons. SharperIron keeps me updated from the young fundamentalist world. Tall Skinny Kiwi does the same for the emerging church. I love reading the comments on Denny Burk’s blog. The Christian Persecution Blog reminds me to pray for my brothers and sisters around the world. Then there is the Dunker Journal—worth a look. Pyromaniacs and Pros Apologian keep things stirred up. Ditto for the Internet Monk

8. Finally, let me mention a way you can help us at Keep Believing. On the right-hand side of this page, just above “Recent Comments,” click on “Subscribe to Keep Believing Blog.” You can then choose to subscribe through Google or Bloglines. We’re encouraging people to use Google Reader because as more people subscribe to this blog through Google, the higher we rise in the rankings, making it easier for new people to find us.  

7. Meanwhile, this is so wrong.

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