Check Out Our New Booklet: “How to Pray for the Sick”

March 28, 2020

We have just released a brand-new booklet called How to Pray for the Sick. It addresses many common questions:

What is the prayer of faith?
Prayer and medicine–enemies or allies?
What about anointing with oil?
What does healing really mean?

I wrote this booklet because God’s Word offers solid answers to these important questions.

Tonight at 7 PM CT I’m going to introduce this new booklet on Facebook Live. Although we planned this booklet many months ago, it’s clear that this is God’s timing because of the coronavirus pandemic.

I want every person who reads this to get a copy–either online or in print.

We’re making the print version available for a suggested donation of $1 per copy with a minimum order of 10. Please note that we only ship within the United States. You can place an order by going to our Booklet Order Page.

You can download a FREE PDF version of “How to Pray for the Sick.”

Would you help us spread the message by ordering copies of this booklet to share with your friends?


Ray Pritchard

PS Don’t forget to join me at 7 PM CT for a very special FB Live!

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