Can God Forgive Me?

August 11, 2020

This letter arrived from a prisoner in IL who is serving a 25-year sentence. He read An Anchor for the Soul three times. Here is his story:

Your book answered a question I had. That question was there is no way I will or can be forgiven for this kind of crime. This has got to be the unforgivable sin.

When I read Chapter 5, I felt a burden just drop and I felt lighter. When you said it doesn’t matter what your “sin” is, God stamps your sin with “Paid in Full,” I realized that God doesn’t label any sin worse than the other. He treats all sins the same. As long as we trust and believe in Jesus Christ, God stamps my sin “Paid in Full.”

I have come closer to the Lord, and I have put my trust in Him. Even though I am in prison and have years to go, I believe as long as I stay following Christ, my life will turn around completely, and I will stop making such dumb decisions.

God bless this man who is in prison for many years to come. His testimony proves again that prison bars can’t keep out the Holy Spirit. Near the end of his letter, he said, “Once you hit rock bottom, you can only look up.” That’s what he has done.

He looked up and found Jesus!

Pray for him and for multitudes like him who are finding and following Christ in prisons across America. And thank you for your faithful giving that makes this ministry possible.

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