Something New Under the Sun

Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Living

What can we learn from looking at the world around us?According to King Solomon, quite a lot. Solomon was a man of faith who took his readers on a voyage through some of the backwater regions of life that we all think about but rarely discuss in public. He wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions or to admit when there were no easy answers.In Something New Under the Sun, Pastor Ray Pritchard walks readers through Ecclesiastes, a book written by King Solomon from an earthly perspective. Solomon examines those things available to us in this life and invites us on a search for ultimate truth. Pastor Pritchard adds poignant and revealing stories to the words of this great king of old to bring this book crashing into our reality as we approach the 21st century.In short, bite-sized devotionals, Ray Pritchard brings us face to face with such topics as:the meaning of lifethe reality of deaththe instability of powerthe futility of richesFor a generation desperately searching for reality – and not knowing where to find it – God wrote a book that sets our feet in the right direction. Join Ray Pritchard as he follows Solomon on his journey to truth through the book of Ecclesiastes.