Back Home

January 27, 2007

We made it back home late last night. For us it meant waking up in Jerusalem at 2 AM and arriving home in Tupelo 28 hours later. We were worn out but very grateful for the wonderful trip we had to the Holy Land. On our last day we had this group picture taken on the Mount of Olives.

Holy Land Tour Group on Mount of Olives

Here are the intrepid pilgrims who joined together for our tour to the land of the Bible:

Paul Boesche
Laura Celmer
Lynnean Celmer
Bob Dahms
Paula DeCanter
Vicky Green
Betty Hawkes
Ken Heffley
Mary Heffley
Ed Keuer
Chris Keuer
Dana Keuer
Eryn Keuer
Joy Keuer
Jim King
Colleen King
Kathryn McBride
Ray Pritchard
Marlene Pritchard
Mark Pritchard
Nick Pritchard
Georg Rupprecht
Patricia Rupprecht
Pam Stewart
Rose Sullivan

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