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Arrows From Heaven

August 13, 2008

This is the second session of the Word of Life Couples Conference in 2007. In this message Ray and Marlene Pritchard share lessons they have learned from 34 years of marriage and raising three sons. They emphasize that God is a better parent than we are.

We Shall Be Like Him

July 31, 2008

Better days are coming, child of God. Let this thought encourage you in your long journey home. God has determined to make you like Jesus. Because you are his child, you will one day be like his Son. That family resemblance, which is today so faint as to sometimes be almost invisible, will in that happy day be so clear that no one in the universe could miss it.

Rock Bottom Truth

July 15, 2008

When we find ourselves struggling with discouragement, we need to be reminded that God is thinking about us, and his thoughts toward us are good and not evil. When we hope in God, we can be happy even though we find ourselves in Babylon.

Hold Lightly What You Value Greatly

June 25, 2008

We call this the parable of the rich fool. But he wasn’t a fool because he was rich. He was a fool because he forgot he was going to die. This isn’t a parable about the dangers of being rich and successful. This is a parable the dangers of having the wrong kind of heart. And that can happen to any of us.

Why You Need Your Enemies, and Your Enemies Need You

June 25, 2008

If I keep a heavenly perspective and believe Romans 8:28, enemies are not really enemies. They are some of the best friends I have. What is sometimes meant by some to hurt me actually helps bring about a work of grace in me that wouldn’t take place any other way. My enemies are a gift from God to me. They make me like Christ so that I can show Christ to them.

Some Advice to the Discontented

June 23, 2008

Contentment is not about geography. It’s about your heart. You can serve God in Babylon just as well as you can in Jerusalem. It’s a hard lesson, but it is also good news if we will receive it from the Lord. Let God define your life, not your circumstances.


June 13, 2008

What do you do when you don’t like the circumstances of your life and it seems as if those circumstances aren’t going to change anytime soon? You must go back and find out where God is in the midst of your frustration.

Think on These Things

June 12, 2008

Here is God's prescription for believers trapped in unhealthy living: Think On These Things! Focus on the good, the pure, the true, the holy, the right, the lovely. Find those things that elevate the mind and think on them! Enthrone Christ as the Lord of your mind and your life will be transformed.

The Hardest Doctrine To Believe

June 6, 2008

The resurrection of the body means that when God saves us, he saves the whole person—body, soul and spirit. It also means that we will see again our loved ones who died in the Lord.