Cannon Beach Q&A with Mark and Ray

July 16, 2019

Here’s a Q&A we did at Cannon Beach Conference Center, July 12, 2019.

AFR Memorial Day Special: Next Man Up

May 31, 2019

Will you be God’s next man up?

Finding Hope During Holy Week

April 16, 2019

Ray Pritchard and Chris Fabry discuss faith and doubt in light of Holy Week. How do you keep believing in the hardest times?

How to Pray for Your Prodigal

April 5, 2019

Adam Miller and Pastor Ray discuss the problem of prodigals and how to pray for them. We need this because we all know a prodigal who needs to come back to the Lord.

Grace in a Strange Place

March 25, 2019

No one is beyond the reach of God's grace.

Crossing Jordan

March 25, 2019

When God calls us to move forward into the unknown, we need not fear because he is already there.

Sin in the Camp

March 25, 2019

You never sin alone. God loves us too much to let us get away with sin.

Something Good from Something Bad

March 25, 2019

If God can save a prostitute and a bunch of lying conmen, he can save us too.

How to Thrive at 85

March 25, 2019

If you’re not dead, you’re not done. God still has work for you to do.

As for Me and My House

March 25, 2019

Every person needs a God, and every person must serve the God they choose. We must choose daily to serve the Lord.