Are You in the Center of God’s Will?

post date: October 2, 2008

Are you in the center of God’s will for your life?

The answer is no because there is no such thing as the “center” of God’s will.

The Bible never talks about the “center” of God’s will. That’s an expression we’ve made up to describe a perfectionistic view of life that no one this side of heaven can ever truly attain.

The real question is, are you willing to do God’s will as it is revealed to you, one step at a time?

I received a letter from a 21-year-old man who is locked up in a Virginia jail. He makes the following wise comment:

I wish the conditions of my life were different but now I know my Lord and Savior has a plan for me and everything happens for a reason.

After writing about his family, he closes his letter this way:

Your book made me understand how short life is and God doesn’t want us acting like this. I’m finally on the right path but you know what they say better late than never.

There’s a lot of good theology in those words. Is that young man in the “center” of God will? Not in the sense in which many people use that term. But he is on the right path—and better to be on the right path in jail than to be wandering down the wrong road outside of jail. 

He’s on the right path—and that’s what God’s will is all about. Don’t worry about being in the “center” of God’s will. Just keep walking one step at a time in the right direction and you’ll end up where God wants you to be. 


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