Anchors Across America!

July 2, 2020

These charts give the latest update on our An Anchor for the Soul distribution. In the last 20 years, we have given away over 800,000 copies of this little “gospel book.” You can see from the charts that we have donated to books to every state except Wyoming and Rhode Island. The pie chart shows the breakdown by ministry category.

Here’s a testimony we received last week:

Dear Pastor Ray,

I’m still using your Anchor books. Today my 71 year old mother called me. “Remember that book you gave me a long time ago? I should have read it when you first gave it to me. It’s breaking my heart, in a good way.” She just recently got saved and I am forever grateful that the Lord saw fit to work thru your book to instruct her. Wanted you to know!!!

Your generosity makes this ministry possible. Only eternity will reveal the men and women touched by the message of this “gospel book.” You can visit our Donate page to help out.

One important note: don’t use the Donate page to order copies. If you would like to order copies of “An Anchor for the Soul,” send an email to Doreen Mahlstedt at We ship to addresses in the US in boxes of 100 (English) and 88 (Spanish).

Thank you for your prayers and your support!

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