Anchor for China Update

January 28, 2006

A few years ago, at the request of a group of evangelical leaders, I wrote a book called An Anchor for the Soul. It’s a very simple presentation of the gospel, mainly for people without much Bible knowledge, written in “Wal-Mart English” so it is easy to understand. The book has had wide distribution at Ground Zero in New York, in prisons across the country, and more recently among the men and women serving in the Armed Forces. Now God has opened a door for this book to be translated and distributed in China. Here is a picture of the cover of the Chinese version:

Anchor cover.JPG
Here are three endorsements of the English version of An Anchor for the Soul:
Dr. James Kennedy, Ph.D., Senior Minister Coral Ridge Presbyterian
“A direct, forceful, gripping message about why we must, and can, know the true God of this universe. Readable, helpful, effectual.”
Joni Eareckson Tada, Author and Artist
“This book cuts through any confusion and showcases what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. It reads easy, but runs deep!”
Bill Bright, Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ International
“With great clarity, Dr. Pritchard provides an illuminating explanation of God’s great plan. This is absolutely compelling, and life-changing.”
We can print a copy of An Anchor for the Soul in Chinese for $1. That means $50 puts 50 copies in the hands of Chinese believers who will use them share Christ with others. And $500 will purchase 500 copies. $5000 will purchase 5000 copies, and so on.
The publisher hopes to print the Chinese version by early March. That means we have two or three weeks to raise whatever money God helps us to raise. We will send over every dollar we raise, and every dollar will purchase a copy of An Anchor for the Soul in Chinese. My wife and I plan to make a contribution, and we invite you to join us.
If God is calling you to be part of this project, send an email to, and I’ll write back and let you know how you can be involved.
Keep praying! God has opened an amazing door for us to spread the gospel in China.

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