A Short Night, Then Home

May 3, 2011

In our hotel
Brunswick, Maine

Our wakeup call is set for 3:00 AM.
Pastor Mark Rockwood and his wife Paula will pick us up at 3:30.
We fly from Portland to La Guardia in New York City, then to Memphis and on to Tupelo.

We’ll be home in less than 24 hours. Very happy about that.
It’s been a good week in New Brunswick and in Maine.

I spoke 11 times, Marlene spoke 3 times.
We got to do two things that are very important to us:

Speak to students.
Speak to pastors and their wives.

Special thanks to our friends at NBBI for their hospitality.
Canada, eh?

Special thanks to Mark Rockwood who kept inviting me to come to Brunswick, Maine.

Great talks with pastors and their wives about the challenges of the ministry.
Loved the seafood. Loved the scenery.
Breathtaking shoreline.

Amazed at how many KBM friends we have who have visited the website.
My messages at NBBI on the miracles of Christ will be turned into podcasts.

We have videos of the three messages at the pastors conference today.
Those will be added to our video section.

We gave away 500 Keep Believing wristbands.
I met a man who hasn’t taken off his wristband in three years.

Great to see our dear friends Wayne and Ruthie Lewis
They drove six hours to join us for the pastors conference.

The women loved Marlene’s message on “The God Who Sees.”
People everywhere need encouragement to keep believing.

I took my iPad 2 on this trip and left my laptop at home.
Also left my large-print Bible at home and used the iPad to read my text. Seemed to go well.
Today I used the iPad for message notes in the second hour.
Need a little more practice with that.

It’s now 9 PM, which means we have to get up in six hours.
We’re exhausted but very glad about this trip.
Thanks for your prayers. We feel like God answered abundantly.

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