A Quick Trip to Chicago

April 6, 2006

I flew to Chicago today to spend some time with Robert and Susan Odom. Robert is the president of Love INC, a dynamic ministry uniting Christians and local churches to reach out to the poor and needy. I am one of the speakers for their national conference in Minneapolis April 27-30. The three of us came to Chicago so we could meet with Dr. John Weborg at North Park Theological Seminary. Dr. Weborg will be the other main speaker at the conference. After Robert and Susan met me at the airport, we had Chicago-style hot dogs at a restaurant near the North Park campus. So it was fly to Chicago, go to lunch, meet with Dr. Weborg, go to the hotel , eat supper, go to bed, get up early and fly home. A quick trip, but we had a fruitful time sharing and praying together as we asked the Lord to unite our hearts for the work he wants to accomplish at the conference.

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