A Potpourri of Items

January 26, 2003

A POTPOURRI OF ITEMS Here are few items I ran across while rummaging through my desk: 1) Last Sunday Dr. Donald Gerig spoke in our worship services. We are grateful for his timely message on prayer. What I forgot to mention in advance is that this year the three living former pastors of Calvary will be speaking to us. Dr. Gerig (1976-1986) spoke last Sunday. Dr. Robert Gray (1958-1974) will speak on May 11. Pastor John Emmans (1952-1958) will speak on July 13. I believe it is vital that we honor those who ministered here in past years. We are building on the foundation they laid by their faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God. 2) Have you checked out the Calvary website lately? A few months ago it was completely redesigned and updated. Almost every week we’re adding new features. I’m keeping an almost-daily update on the Pastor Ray page. Check out the latest news about all parts of our congregation at www.calvarymemorial.com. 3) Earlier this week I attended a surprise birthday party for one of our members. During the party, Beth Gaskill came up to me and asked, “How’s your praying?” I laughed and told her I was doing my best. So how is your prayer life? 4) That leads me to say that we need several hundred new Prayer Warriors this year. Last year we had over 200. This year I’m asking the Lord for 400. Anyone can be a Prayer Warrior–young or old, married or single, member or regular attender. We need to mobilize an army of praying believers to undergird the work of the church. If you are interested, fill out the sign-up card in the pew rack or the form on today’s insert and drop it in the offering plate. 5) Kathy Brownfield, gifted artist and member of our congregation, will be displaying some of her paintings at the LaGrange Art League in February. See her website for more information: www.kathybrownfield.com. 6) Best book read recently: The Last Jihad by Joel C. Rosenberg, a Tom Clancy-esque page turner. Although this is not a “Christian novel” per se, Rosenberg is a Christian and his faith shines through. Very gripping, realistic scenario of what might be the next terrorist attack. Could have been ripped from the front page of USA Today. 7) Oakland-31, Tampa Bay-21 (not necessarily my preference, just a prediction). 8) Something to think about: “Not only do we not know God except through Jesus Christ, we do not even know ourselves except through Jesus Christ.”

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