A Note from Nepal

April 4, 2007

Just received this email from a friend who serves in Nepal. Note that my friend uses “Lxxd” instead of “Lord” because of posssible email censorship in a country where Christians are often persecuted for their faith.

Dr. Pritchard, I am writing from Nepal and am just so very thankful to hear the Lxxd speaking to you and through you. I hate to ask you but could you forward this message to someone who can update our email address on file for you. We are desperate to continue to be able to receive your messages and don’t want it to ever stop.

We love you for your faithfulness! It’s just such a reminder how God is willing to use us when we are willing to be used. I have limited electricity here, virtually no connection time or speed, am surrounded by kids at the children’s home that I live in, and yet… we are still able to get your messages. Praise You Abba Father!

This note reminds me once again that we truly live in a “flat world” where we are all interconnected by modern technology. I can press the Send button in Tupelo and my sermons go out to more for 3000 people, most of whom I will never meet until I get to heaven. And in this case, the sermons find their way to the other side of the world, bringing hope and encouragement to those serving Christ in a distant land. This sort of thing wasn’t possible twenty years ago. We do live in amazing times.

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