A Good Day in Arlington Heights

May 7, 2006

This morning I preached three times at Arlington Heights Evangelical Free Church. I was delighted to fill the pulpit for my friend Colin Smith who was speaking this weekend in Arkansas. Several years ago I spoke at the church for the National Day of Prayer, and last year I filled the pulpit once when Colin was out of town. I told quite a few people that I felt right at home because the church has a long history of excellent pulpit ministry. When you fill the pulpit as a guest minister you can usually tell something about the congregation by the way they respond to the sermon. All morning long people seemed very attentive and eager to hear the Word. Dennis Criser prepared a powerful worship service that included a number of great hymns plus several choruses. Here’s another sign of a good church: The people love to sing. My heart is always blessed when a congregation enjoys singing to the Lord. That was very evident in all the services. The church has five worship services–three in the sanctuary and two in the gym. The tech crew videotaped my 8 AM message and played it during the 9:30 and 11 AM services in the gym.
We were happy to see quite a few friends from Calvary who made the trek to Arlington Heights to attend one of the services. After the last service, 24 of us went to a local restaurant for lunch, laughter and lots of good stories.
Here is the message I preached this morning:
If I Believe, Why Do I Doubt?
The following two blog entries tell a little bit about the journey that led us from Oak Park to the cabin in the woods at the end of the gravel road nine miles north of Tupelo, Mississippi:
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