A Four-Day Bachelor Party

April 19, 2006

5:51 PM The latest sermon in the Understanding God’s Plan series from Romans 9-11 is now online:
God’s Word Has Not Failed
5:13 PM My man Taylor Hicks did a good job last night. I’m thinking Ace goes tonight.
5:12 PM Thorpe Schoenle, Deal or no deal? Find out the rest of the story next Monday night at 7 PM.
12:57 PM Here are two sermons that develop further some of the ideas from the “Praying for Your Prodigal” entries:
If God is Sovereign, Why Pray?
Praying for the Lost
12:50 PM I’m doing a radio interview with Kevin McCullough on WMCA in New York City from 1:20-2 PM Central Time. You can listen online here.
12:49 PM Just heard from Marlene that she safely arrived in Hartford.
4:47 AM Meanwhile I have my own list of projects to get done while she’s gone. It’s just me and Dudley in the cabin so we’re going to have a four-day bachelor party, which doesn’t really mean a whole lot when it’s just a man and his basset hound. So I’m going to work on submitting a book manuscript and also take my bike in to get tuned up and a few other things like that. Marlene thinks I won’t stay on my diet while she’s gone. We shall see how that works out. This is actually the beginning of a six-week period of travel that will take one of us or both of us to Vermont, Minneapolis, Chicago, Madison, WI, Miami (maybe), Lincoln, NE and Schroon Lake, NY.
4:44 AM Up early so I can take Marlene to the airport. She’s flying to Hartford, CT where she will meet her sister-in-law Ruth who is flying in from Nashville. From Hartford they will drive to Vermont to meet Leah’s parents and to scout out locations for the rehearsal dinner and work out a few other details for Josh and Leah’s wedding in July.

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