Wednesday, September 22, 2004

September 22, 2004

10:17 AM Both the Wednesday Journal and the Oak Leaves carried articles about this Sunday’s worship service and the “silent protest” planned by the Oak Park Lesbian and Gay Association. The Wednesday Journal is not online, but you can read the Oak Leaves story here. 10:16 AM Check out this week’s Christian Carnival, a collection of articles and weblog entries by Christian writers from across the blogosphere. 8:22 AM Stephen Bennett will be speaking at Calvary this Sunday night at 6 PM. He is a former homosexual who came to Christ, was transformed, left the gay lifestyle, got married, and now has two children. His message is: “No One is Born ‘Gay’ and Complete Change is Completely Possible!” Stephen Bennett will share his testimony, sing, and take questions from the audience. Because we expect a large crowd, plan to come early. Childcare will be provided for infants through age 3. If you have children older than three but below junior high age, we urge you to hire a babysitter so we can have extra room in the sanctuary. Extra note: We will be broadcasting the entire Sunday night service live over the Internet. Click here for more information. We will archive the Sunday morning service plus Stephen Bennett’s presentation on the Calvary website so you can view it later whenever you like. 8:22 AM First Watch for men begins tomorrow at 5:55 AM.

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