Wednesday, September 15, 2004

September 15, 2004

4:56 PM This week’s Christian Carnival is now online. Lots of excellent entries from various writers. 8:08 AM “God Speaks Today” update: Tonight we begin a two-part video series from Focus on the Family. We will learn what the Bible says about homosexuality and how to raise your children with a healthy gender identity. Pastor Bob Boerman will lead the discussion following the video presentation. The program begins at 7 PM in the sanctuary. 6:40 AM First Watch for men begins in 8 days. 6:36 AM Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins at sundown tonight.

In Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah means the “head of the year.” It is also called the Feast of the Trumpets. The blowing of a ram’s horn, a shofar, proclaims Rosh Hashanah, and summons Jews to religious services. Sept. 15 marks the beginning of the year 5765 and the month of Tishri.

Dennis Prager discusses What American Jews Need to Think About This Rosh Hashanah. His second reason is worth quoting in full:

Second, connected to the above, this Rosh Hashanah is a good time for American Jews to publicly acknowledge that American Christianity has been overwhelmingly a blessing for America’s Jews. The fears of Christians and their religion that many American Jews have are a carryover from Europe and the Jews’ awful experiences there. No country has ever honored Judaism or blessed its Jews as has America. And this includes secular Europe today just as it did religious Europe of the past. The prevalent idea among American Jews that a secular, rather than a Judeo-Christian, America is better for America, let alone for its Jews, is so obviously wrong, only the irrational can hold it. For proof, ask the Jews of France.

6:26 AM The Rapture Index now stands at 151, the highest rating of 2004, but still short of the alltime high of 182 in September 2001. Among the various categories, I note that “Wild Weather” earns a 5, the highest possible score. That seems right given all the hurricanes this year.

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