Wednesday, October 8, 2003

October 8, 2003

6:26 PM Here’s a note from a friend who manages to blend theology and the Chicago Cubs:

I’d just like to compliment you on your sermon from Sunday (I just finished reading it). Knowing that God chose me “before the foundations of the earth” is well, it more than makes up for the Cubs losing last night. Just FYI, on October 20, I will be (spiritually) 2 years old. Thanks!

5:21 PM “A man of wisdom is a man who makes matters better not worse when he gets involved in a situation.” Adrian Warnock 1:56 PM Back in the office now. Just read The Wednesday Journal, which is published in Oak Park. Ken Trainor (Viewpoints Editor) had some nice words to say about He’s God and We’re Not. I have known Ken from my earliest days in Oak Park. Although we have differing viewpoints on some issues, he is a good friend and an excellent writer. And I thank him for what he wrote and for even including a picture of the book jacket. It’s on page 2 of the current issue. Alas, the Wednesday Journal is not online anymore or I would post a link to it. 1:52 PM Had a great lunch with David Steinhart, pastor of Forest Park Baptist Church. David and I have been buddies ever I came to Calvary in 1989. He does a fine job as a preacher and as a pastor to his congregation. My only complaint: FPBC doesn’t have a website. I chided David about this over lunch but it didn’t seem to faze him at all. I told him that the Internet is a blast and that he could multiply his influence a hundredfold. He just smiled at me. (I pause here to sigh and think something about old dogs and new tricks, and all that stuff.) He really is a great guy and he really should be on the Internet. 8:54 AM Another reason to ride my bike (courtesy of Gordon MacDonald):

John Haggai writes in a book that’s been around for a long time: “When the celebrated clergyman, Dr. J.C. Masse was in his nineties, he told me, ‘John, you can have greater insights at my age than you did when you were thirty. You can have a greater understanding of the really important priorities. You can empathize with people much better than in your younger years, but when you lose your physical vitality, something happens. You lose your power because people will not follow a (person) whom they perceive to be feeble.'”

8:37 AM Today’s Tempo section of the Chicago Tribune contains several fascinating articles: How weblogs (like this one) are becoming a major source of new writing talent. A story of romance, a marriage proposal, and the Chicago Cubs. A review of Gellhorn, a Twentieth-Century Life. Marlene gave me this book for my birthday a few days ago. In fact, she gave it to me on our trip to Tampa. Martha Gellhorn is of interest partly because she was perhaps the greatest of all the female war correspondents in a time when women usually did not come anywhere near a war zone. Besides that, she lived from 1908-1998, and managed to “be there” for many of the most significant events of the 20th century. But she is remembered mostly as Ernest Hemingway’s third wife, which makes for a nice Oak Park connection. The book is fascinating as a portrait of a brilliant, determined, gifted woman who never seemed to find lasting happiness and who apparently lived without any relationship to her Creator. It’s a good read, and her story both fascinates and saddens at the same time. (Registration may be required to access these articles, but it’s free and well worth the time.) 8:36 AM 11 more days until Billy Sunday returns to Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park. 8:30 AM Brian Brian, pastor of Pontiac Bible Church reports that the popular “40 Days of Purpose” program, based on Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life, has been an amazing success. It has

mobilized our church beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Before we started, we had 14 small groups, now we have about 45. 29 people have signed up to be baptized. People are inviting their friends. The leadership team is behind the effort in a big way.

His message from last Sunday, Don’t Waste Your Life, is the sermon of the day.

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