Wednesday, October 6, 2004

October 6, 2004

1:31 PM The Wednesday Journal printed a 1400-word summary of my sermon on same-sex marriage. They also had a column by a member of the OPLGA plus a favorable column by Jim Bowman plus a supportive letter by someone from River Forest. That’s 3 out of 4 favorable items in the Journal today. Amazing. Note: The Journal is not online so I can’t post a link to any of the articles. 1:04 PM Wednesday shout-out to Mary Keating, Christina Smith, Butch Henderson, Jeff Eaton, George Cominos, George and Gloria Jepsen, Keith Johnson, Pastor Chelch Reagan, Kathy Grayson, Pat Winter and Karen Custy. 7:57 AM Wake up, Men! First Watch starts in 21 hours, 58 minutes. 7:54 AM Here’s a letter from a prisoner in Massachusetts who read An Anchor for the Soul.

Dear Mr. Pritchard, Hi. My name is Tina. I’m writing from a Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Framingham, Massachusetts. I’m here because I’ve done some sinful things that I knew was not right inside my heart. I’ve had many court dates and always returning here to this so called dreadful place. When I returned from court one day I was very upset and one of the other women had asked me to join her at Bible study. I had said yes and that day was the day my life as a Christian had begun. I was saved that day and was invited to a baptism class later in the day. I attended the class and then was told that the chaplain wanted me to get baptized along with the rest of the class. The chaplin then gave me a Bible, the Daily Bread, and your book. A week later, Saturday, September 25, 2004, I was baptized. I am filling in the void that was in my heart and now attend church and Bible study regularly. I have never felt so happy in all my life. The love of Jesus is the most powerful of all and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m in the process of reading your book and it is teaching me about Jesus. I want to thank you for your words of wisdom, in “An Anchor for the Soul” Sincerely, Tina Horan

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