Wednesday, November 5, 2003

November 5, 2003

5:02 PM On behalf of chocolate lovers everywhere, I am happy to pass along a recommendation. Marlene bought a jar of Nutella, “the original hazelnut spread.” Nutella started in Europe in the 40s when someone named Pietro Ferrero mixed hazelnuts and cocoa butter and came up with this smooth spread that worldwide outsells all peanut butter brands combined. It’s not as well known in the US as in most other countries. It’s very tasty—in fact, I just had a spoonful a few minutes ago. That’s my food review for today. Nutella ***** (5 stars). 3:13 PM Pastor of Outreach Ministries:The elders have approved the addition of a new fulltime staff position starting in January 2004. The following announcement will appear in this Sunday’s bulletin. I include it here in the hope that someone out there in the vast Internet world will help us find qualified candidates:

Calvary has now begun the search for a Pastor of Outreach Ministries. We are praying for a man with proven evangelism experience, excellent communication skills, and who is able to equip people and develop effective ministry networks. He must appreciate a variety of outreach methods and enjoy working in a multicultural congregation in a diverse community. If you know of someone who might fit these requirements, please contact Davis Duggins at the Church Office (708.386.3900) or you can send him an e-mail.

3:00 PM Here’s another excerpt from the president’s speech at the signing ceremony:

America stands for liberty, for the pursuit of happiness and for the unalienable right of life. And the most basic duty of government is to defend the life of the innocent. Every person, however frail or vulnerable, has a place and a purpose in this world. Every person has a special dignity. This right to life cannot be granted or denied by government, because it does not come from government, it comes from the Creator of life.

2:57 PM God bless President Bush for signing the law banning partial-birth abortion. Here is part of what the president said at the signing ceremony:

For years, a terrible form of violence has been directed against children who are inches from birth, while the law looked the other way. Today, at last, the American people and our government have confronted the violence and come to the defense of the innocent child.

Thank God we have a president who stands up for the unborn. 8:07 AM Coming later today: William E. Blackstone one more time! (Note: I decided to postpone this until tomorrow.) 7:44 AM Recently heard from Larry Pillow who graduated from Dallas Seminary a year ahead of me. He heads a fine ministry in Arkansas called A Fresh Start Now, which provides “Timeless and Timely Wisdom To Help People Who Are Experiencing Transition, Crisis or Loss Get A Fresh Start Now.” He has produced an excellent CD featuring 30 short meditations around the “fresh start” theme. Marlene and I listened to the CD on our way to Camp Forest Springs and enjoyed the music and Larry’s encouraging words. The website contains information on how to order the CD. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a “fresh start” in life. 6:11 AM Answers in Genesis provides a helpful Q&A about Noah’s Ark, including “How was there enough room for all the animals on Noah’s Ark?”

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