Wednesday, November 10, 2004

November 10, 2004

12:27 PM In case there was any doubt, Oak Park voted overwhelmingly for John Kerry and Barack Obama. Here are some comparisons: John Kerry Nationally: 48% Illinois: 55% Oak Park: 78% Barack Obama Illinois: 70% Oak Park: 86% 6:59 AM Some excellent post-election advice for Christians. 6:47 AM In light of the recent national election in the US, an Italian politician points out that religious faith is fundamental to a free society:

This is difficult to accept in Europe because our intellectuals were always convinced that modernity brings with itself the extinction of religious faith. Now America, the most advanced country in the world, shows us that religion may be and indeed is a fundamental element of a free society and of a modern economy.

6:41 AM Which state is # 1 in the latest Generosity Index? It’s not Illinois. We rank 35th. This list will surprise some people. 6:40 AM This seems like a good idea.

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