Wednesday, May 25, 2005

May 25, 2005

9:17 PM What was America thinking? It had to be Bo Bice. I mean, he sang “Sweet Home, Alabama” backed by Lynryd Skynryd. You can’t beat that. Except that Carrie did. Oh well, some things I just don’t understand. 9:16 PM This week’s Christian Carnival is now online. It contains over 50 entries from all corners of the Christian blogosphere, including one by yours truly. 5:55 PM 818 miles. 9:37 AM Congratulations to pitcher Mark Kamm who led Walther Lutheran to its first regional title. Mark took the mound in the fourth inning with Walther trailing 5-4. He allowed only two hits and no runs the rest of the way. Walther won 7-5. 7:10 AM News and notes from our two local papers: You can now buy meat at the Oak Park Farmers Market. A call to honor our veterans on Memorial Day. And don’t forget about the Memorial Day parade in River Forest. Latin is becoming more popular at OPRF. Note these stats: OPRF world languages by the numbers Latin 121 French 314 Italian 203 German 57 Japanese 124 Spanish 1,201 What about Chinese? Here’s a unique vacation idea. Visit Berwyn, the suburb just to the south of Oak Park. Among the landmarks worth checking out, the article highlights “the Spindle” at the corner of Harlem and Cermak:

Don’t pretend you haven’t noticed the “cars on a spike” outdoor sculpture in the middle of the parking lot. In 1989 the mall owner, a national patron of the arts, paid sculptor Dustin Schuler $75,000 for the attention-grabbing stack of eight full-sized automobiles skewered on a huge vertical spindle. Citizens wanted the piece taken down immediately, complaining the towering work attracted pigeons, which it does. But their protest subsided once the sculpture appeared in the movie Wayne’s World. I understand Berwyn police dispatchers like to send rookies out to the plaza to investigate the “eight-car pile-up.”

6:34 AM A big Wednesday shout-out to Dea and Brian Reynolds, Jodi Lau, Luke and Pamela Bartlett, Lamar and Joanna Salley in Costa Rica, John and Anita Armstrong, Andrew Herdliska in Orlando, Fl, Eric and Kristin Duus in Grosse Point, MI, and special congrats to Rick Todd for passing his nuclear physics test in the Navy Submarine School, to Jenae Blomberg at Camp Forest Springs, and much happiness to Taylor Birkey and Laura Hurni who are engaged and plan to be married in August.

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