Wednesday, March 3, 2004

March 3, 2004

10:42 PM Today’s edition of the Oak Leaves carried two stories about “The Passion of Christ.” The first is an interview with several local religious leaders (including me) about the movie. The second is my review of the movie—which is posted below in the entry for Friday, February 27. The Wednesday Journal also printed the same review today. 5:16 PM A question for those who have seen “The Passion of the Christ.” Who appears to be more praiseworthy—Caiaphas or Pilate? To read the correct answer, click here. The writer got it right—and it’s not what I expected. 8:37 AM Here are a handful of helpful articles on “The Passion of the Christ.” David Warren explains why crucifixion is offensive to the world. Rabbi Daniel Lapin predicts the film will lead to a third religious awakening in America. Chuck Colson explains who really killed Jesus. Orson Scott Card reviews the film from a Mormon perspective. Note the letter to Mel Gibson at the end. (Hat tip to Chris Jahns for spotting this review.) 8:12 AM Big renovation news! The west parking lot is now open. The workers removed the fence yesterday. Last night the elders toured the portico area. The Welcome Desk has been installed, the outside doors are operational, and most of the painting is done. We have a few more details to wrap up, but things are in good shape for the village inspection later this week. PS We plan to resurface the parking lot later this spring. It’s in pretty rough shape because of the construction work over the last nine months.

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