Wednesday, June 9, 2004

June 9, 2004

9:53 PM Special thanks to Gene Heidt who is loaning me the Civil War videos for our tour next week. And thanks also to Greg Chadaranek for his offer of help. A week from tonight our tour group will be staying at Holiday Inn near Washington, D.C. 9:52 PM Today’s entry on the Crosswalk weblog is called The Touch. 11:03 AM We just added a new section to the Sermons page called Articles and Public Letters. Here you will find articles I have written for various publications over the last 26 years plus a number of letters that were written for publication. Some of the articles include “Free the Viaducts!”, “It’s Okay Not to Know,” “Gary Olson—A Friend Remembered,” and “Ground Zero.” No letters have been posted yet. We’ll do that in the next few days. 9:41 AM Counting down … 3 Days until the Faith and Freedom Concert, Saturday, June 12, 7 PM. 9:40 AM Still looking for the videos of The Civil War by Ken Burns. If you have a set you would loan me for the tour next week, please send me an email.

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