Wednesday, July 2, 2003

July 2, 2003

2:36 PM I think we’ve walked at least four miles so far today. Early this AM we walked from the hotel to Navy Pier where we took a historical Chicago boat cruise. It was a perfect morning—clear, not much breeze, moderate temperature, and the view of the Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan was spectacular. We were amazed all over again with the rich history of the city and the stories behind the various buildings. Then back down Michigan Avenue where we met Josh at Northern Trust Bank and took him to lunch. Then to Water Tower Place (our first time) then back to the hotel. Right now we’re resting a bit, then it’s on to Taste of Chicago.

By the way, our tour guide confirmed what I had heard elsewhere—that people in great numbers (especially young people) are moving back into the downtown area. This is consistent with the prediction that Chicago is becoming a true “global city” with a vibrant inner core that will spread outward and lead to the regentrifying of many of the inner suburbs. We’re aleady seeing that happen in Oak Park. I predict that in 20 years the west side of Chicago will be completely transformed. It’s already happening in the area around the United Center as old industrial buildings are being converted into apartments, condos and townhouses.

Also, did you know that if you put a map of Chicagoland on the wall and throw a dart at it, and if you hit the center, you’ll hit Oak Park? Our church could not be better situated for the future — not just now but 20 years from now as the downtown area becomes a true “global city” attracting young people from everywhere. The day will come when people who live in the distant western suburbs will say, “Let’s go to the heart of the city” … and they’ll end up in Oak Park.

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