Wednesday, February 23, 2005

February 23, 2005

12:01 PM Anchor Label Party We’re looking for 20 people who are willing to risk a little monotony for a great cause. The place is the Calvary Dining Room. The time is Thursday, March 3, from 7-9 p.m. The purpose is to put new address labels on the back page of the “Anchor for the Soul” books. The old email and internet addresses are no longer valid – instead of connecting readers to Calvary, they send them to a porn site. We don’t want that problem to continue any longer. Instead, we want to be sure that every reader of “Anchor” has a way to reach Pastor Ray and Calvary. About 20,000 books need labels, so we may not finish in one night. That just means we get to finish the fun later. Anyone who feels brave enough for the challenge should notify Davis Duggins at 708/386-3900 or send an email to 11:13 AM This week’s Christian Carnival is now online. It contains articles from across the Christian blogosphere, including one by yours truly. 10:31 AM Congratulations to the Florence (AL) Falcons girls’ basketball team. Moments ago, they defeated the Decatur Lady Raiders in the 6A Regional Semifinals in Hanceville, AL. My niece Kathleen (AKA “Special K”) did not play, but I’m sure my brother Andy and his wife Betty were in the stands cheering the team on. The Falcons advance to play the winner of the Hazel Green-Bob Jones game (being played later today). 9:44 AM For the latest photos from the Calvary Men’s Ministry Team in Costa Rica, click here and here. 9:33 AM China update: When we were in Beijing, we met a man whose company has a license from the government to print and distribute Christian books in China. This is an amazing development that would not have been possible ten years ago. Since returning to the US, I have been in email contact with this man about the possibility of printing one or two of my books in Chinese. When we were there, we gave him a copy of An Anchor for the Soul. Yesterday we mailed him copies of The ABCs of Wisdom and the study guide to “An Anchor for the Soul.” I’m asking my firends to join in prayer that God would open the door for these books to be printed and distributed in China. We would need to raise the money, the Chinese publisher would do the translation, and the government editors would have to approve the books for publication. Then the publisher would work to place them in bookstores (Christian and secular) across China. There are a variety of ways and means for distributing books to Christians in China, and also to the general public. I mention all this because unless the Lord opens the door, none of these things can happen. Please join us in prayer that our Father would clear the way for these books to be published in China, and that multitudes would read them and be drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many hurdles, but we’re moving forward step by step as God leads us. 9:31 AM Attention, Men! First Watch starts in 20 hours, 24 minutes. 9:29 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Rash Perhaps, But Not Imprudent. 9:28 AM Brian Bill posted this entry on his blog today:

Over the last two weeks I know of three people who have come to saving faith in Jesus Christ! In each situation I had the privilege of wishing all three of them “Happy Birthday,” as I quoted from John 3:3 — “Unless you are born again you will not see the kingdom of heaven.” One common denominator in all three of these new births was how God used a book written by my friend Ray Pritchard called Anchor for the Soul. I highly recommend this brief book because it does a wonderful job of presenting the gospel message in an easy-to-read format.

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