Wednesday, December 15, 2004

December 15, 2004

5:17 PM We leave for China in 29 days. Our visas arrived yesterday. Last night I called my brother Alan (who is traveling with us) and we talked about his flight plans from Memphis to Chicago. This morning we called Josh around 7:30 AM. Since there is a 14-hour time difference, it was 9:30 PM in Beijing. He sounded great, really enjoys his teaching, and told us to bring over “anything with English words on it.” He will meet us at the Beijing airport. We’re making a list of the places we want to visit, including the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square. We hope to take an overnight train to see the Terra Cotta soldiers. 5:14 PM Ed Orgeron. 5:13 PM I ate lunch with Von Matthews at the Illinois Bar and Grill on Taylor Street, not far from Rush Presbyterian Hospital. They serve the largest Polish sausage I’ve ever seen. So big I couldn’t finish it. 5:13 PM 3287 miles.

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