Wednesday, December 1, 2004

December 1, 2004

9:45 AM Do you know who John Stott is? David Brooks thinks you should know him better. Today’s Crosswalk weblog entry is called John Stott and Jerry Falwell. 9:29 AM Merriam-Webster has just isused its “Top Ten Words of 2004.” Click here to find out which word was number one. Hint: You’re experiencing this word right now. 9:03 AM Christmas at Calvary kicks off with two events this weekend: Friday, December 3 Women’s Christmas Tea in the Dining Room, 6:30-9 PM. Saturday, December 4 Open House sponsored by the Men’s Ministry, 5-7 PM, 601 Ashland, River Forest. 9:00 AM First Watch starts in 21 hours. 8:50 AM Darin Weil told me that the junior highers had come up with lots of creative questions for “Ask Pastor Ray” night at Power Connection. Here are some of the questions we didn’t have time to discuss last night: 1) What is Lystra? Who was Uzzah? Who was Asher? How many vowels does the Bible have in the book of Psalms? 2) What’s your greatest desire? 3) Have you ever drank or taken drugs or smoked? 4) When did you start preaching? Are you scared when you preach in front of people? 5) What did you do on your wedding day? Where did you get your tuxes from? 6) What is the Christian theory of deju-vu? 7) How many verses have you memorized? 8) How long was a day in the creation week? 9) How many people of Israel were descendants of Abraham? 10) How many people are mentioned in the Bible?

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