Wednesday, August 24, 2005

August 24, 2005

6:54 PM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Pat Robertson, Secret Agent. 4:45 PM This weeks’s edition of the Christian Carnival is now online. It contains articles from many parts of the Christian blogosphere, including one by yours truly. 4:03 PM Last week the church received a $150,000 estate gift that the elders designated for the Legacy Campaign. That leaves us with a balance due of $459,000. We are asking God to help us completely retire that debt by Thanksgiving. 11:21 AM A few blogs worth checking out … Alpha and Omega Ministries Smart Christian Reverend Mike’s House of Homiletic Hash Parableman Jollyblogger Dappled Things La Shawn Barber 10:44 AM A few minutes after midnight I heard a commotion in our living room. Turns out that three college students had just arrived to spend the night. Matt and Jason spent the summer working at Glacier National Park in Montana. Their friend Lauren had flown from Georgia to Montana to accompany them on their trip back to Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Matt and Jason and Lauren come from a town outside Atlanta. The two guys go to Samford and that’s how they know Nick and John Mark. Lauren goes to Kennesaw State in Georgia. On Monday at 5 PM Matt and Jason and Lauren hopped in a pickup truck in western Montana and drove straight through to Oak Park, stopping for a few breaks, plus a quick visit to John Piper’s church in Minneapolis, plus they had a flat tire outside of Madison. So they had been on the road for about 30 hours when they arrived last night. This morning there were college kids sleeping on various couches and also on the floor. After a breakfast of bagels and bacon and orange juice, they seemed to come back to life very quickly. Nick and John Mark left a few minutes ago for the trip to Birmingham. Matt and Jason and Lauren are taking the el to Wrigley Field to catch the Cubs game. When they get back to our house, they will drive straight through to Atlanta. I imagine their truck will be a bit gamey by the time they arrive. When I chatted with them this morning, everyone seemed ready for the next big adventure. It’s great to be young and crazy and have that much energy. 10:37 AM A big Wednesday shout-out to Sam Chacko, Randy and Susan Jahns, Ralph Wingate, Bill and Mary Sack, Richard Bell, David Weiser, Deborah Gaines, Tom and Tiffany Crane, and a special shout-out to Davis and Kathy Duggins in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We miss you guys! 10:35 AM 1649 miles.

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