Wednesday, August 20, 2003

August 20, 2003

6:28 AM One thing for certain: It’s hot in Mississippi in August. I mean, it’s real hot in Mississippi. Hot and humid and muggy. Even though I was born and raised in this part of this country, you forget how hot the summers can be. Tupelo is the birthplace of El

vis Presley. You see his picture many places. The current sheriff of Lee County is named Presley—a cousin, I think. Last night Alan bought some barbecued ribs for supper. We sat around talking for awhile, but were so tired that we didn’t stay up late.

Nick and Marlene had a good talk about college. When she asked how he felt about starting college, he said, “It’s a new adventure.” That sounsd about right. He’s definitely ready. We leave Tupelo in a few minutes for the drive to Birmingham. Samford orientation starts at 10 AM. He’ll move into his dorm tomorrow AM.

Meanwhile, we’re planning to visit the Lifeway Christian Store about a mile from the Samford campus this afternoon. Did I mention that’s hot here in Mississippi? Going to be around 100 today with high humidity. Wish I had my bike with me.

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