Wednesday, August 10, 2005

August 10, 2005

10:23 PM Back home after a very profitable four days of ministry at Word of Life. After preaching twice this morning, Phil and Blossom Woodrow drove me to the Albany airport where I caught a plane for Chicago. I arrived home just in time to unpack and go with the family to Tim and Elsa McKee’s home. Tomorrow morning Dave McKee and Mark leave for a year in China. We had some refreshments, lots of laughs, and a very moving time of prayer for Dave and Mark. I think Mark is mostly packed. It’s hard to tell because things are scattered across the living room. But in a few hours, we’ll load up and say goodbye at O’Hare Airport. We were talking tonight about whether or not we plan to visit China again this year. The answer is definitely yes, although we don’t know when.

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