Wednesday, April 6, 2005

April 6, 2005

3:07 PM Howard Duncan sent this around today. It’s an excellent summary of what we want to accomplish this year with God’s help:

The church has one theme for the year: “The church in many places” To accomplish this theme we are seeking to: Establish multiple sites, led by Pastor Bob and the task force – Let us grow by calling out. Enroll 500 people to learn how to share the gospel – The Calvary 500 – Let us grow by converts. Eliminate the debt from the Legacy Campaign – Let us grow by cash available. Extol our 90th birthday – November banquet – Let us grow by celebration. The congregation needs to be led into a serious time of prayer to the Lord. They need to seek God’s wisdom, listen for his calling, boldly share the message of the Gospel, consider their rate of giving, and celebrate their heritage.

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