Wednesday, April 28, 2004

April 28, 2004

7:05 PM I met a student named Daniel who told me he comes from Timbuktu, in the country of Mali, in Africa. 5:46 PM “The twenty-first Century has begun with the shattering realization that there is no safe place on earth.” John Piper 5:34 PM I’ve met several students at the BI whose parents asked them to say hello, including a young lady who attends the First Baptist Church of Goshen, Indiana. I met Pastor Jim Schrock (one of the staff pastors) several years ago at Word of Life during the summer conference season. I saw group of people playing cards—it turns they were all from FBC, Goshen, and were playing “Dirty Uno,” which is like regular Uno on steroids. They invited me to play but I could never figure out the rules of the game—if indeed there were any rules. The young lady’s mother was in the group that night. I also met a BI student who plans to attend Moody next September so I invited him to ride the bus to Calvary. Over the years quite a few BI students (and their parents) have visited us in Oak Park… . On a related note, at the most recent Visitors’ Reception, I talked with a husband and wife who had been attending Calvary but couldn’t quite decide whether or not to join us. Turns out the wife graduated from the BI back in 1989. Once she found out that I speak at Word of Life, they decided to make Calvary their home church. 7:54 AM John Piper explains How not to be a mule. 7:32 AM A bright, sunny morning in NY. No snow last night. 7:29 AM The Happy Husband writes about essential knowledge, the things every husband should know about his wife, and vice versa. Under the category of Anniversary, he adds this hint to husbands:

The wedding anniversary is vital, but it’s good to be aware of as many others as possible. Your being able to acknowledge the anniversary of your first date, first kiss, first “I love you,” day of proposal, etc.

I wonder how many men know the anniversary of the first kiss. Not me. I remember where—the top of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga—but not when, except that it was sometime in the spring of 1973.

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