Wednesday, April 27, 2005

April 27, 2005

3:56 PM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Why the Jews Rejected Jesus. 2:46 PM Christians in China routinely face opposition and harassment because of their faith. Sometimes they end up being tortured in jail. Recently Bob Fu of China Aid testified before the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. During his speech, he displayed an electric shock tool, a torture instrument smuggled out of China. Click here to read what happened next. 7:13 AM Highlights from our two local newspapers: This is a good idea. I’ve seen the sticks in the grass on my bike rides past the church and wondered what they represented. An Oak Park connection to the recent mob indictments in Chicago. An interesting take on the religious diversity in Oak Park. I like this quote from 1925 when the big debate was whether or not movie theaters should be open on Sundays:

“Oak Park was founded by men who believe in God–men that served God. … Would Jesus, if he were among us, attend moving picture houses or the churches on Sunday? Oak Park is a different type of community than almost any other suburb around Chicago. … This village was founded by a sturdy race of pioneers … [who] surround their children with the best educational and cultural facilities under religious influences in a clean environment … far enough removed from the moral filth of the big city.”

At least they know the world was created in six days. 6:57 AM Here’s a list of those serving in the Infant Nursery on Sunday mornings: Phyllis Zelek Marie Jones Bryce and Marta Becker Sandy Hurt Pauline Reynolds Pat Rhebergen Valerie Baleanu Janette Dionisio Julie Chledowski Kathy Schlueter Alicia Demeter Gail Black Millie Benson Heidi Gannon Heidi Miller Carrie Enstrom Graciela Chediak Noe and Erika Brambila Karen Hane 6:56 AM This week’s edition of the Christian Carnival is now online. It contains entries from all corners of the Christian blogosphere, including one by yours truly.

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