Wednesday, April 21, 2004

April 21, 2004

9:59 AM I’m doing a radio interview with Kevin McCullough on WMCA in New York City from 1:20-2 PM today. By the way, Brian Bill and I had a great time doing “TLN Live” on Monday night. We received a steady stream of calls relating to our topic, “Dealing with Doubt.” PAX TV will rebroadcast the show but I don’t know exactly when except that it’s sometime on Saturday morning. When I did “TLN Live” with Jerry Rose in March, PAX TV aired the program within a week or so. I only knew about that because the following Sunday somone said they saw me on TV on Saturday morning. PS Marlene told me I needed to wear brighter clothes on TV. She’s right. As usual, I waited till the last minute and threw on whatever I could find. 9:32 AM Lynette Hoy explains what we are doing in response to the the pro-homosexual Day of Silence being observed in many high schools today. Some of our students will be wearing “Day of Purity” T-shirts as a means of responding to the students promoting the “Day of Silence.”

Dear Friends, I wanted you to know what happened at church on Sunday regarding the Day of Silence response materials and the “Day of Purity” t-shirts. All the resources were taken/sold for a donation in the Allied Force Sunday school class and in the portico area! About 10 of the 52 t-shirts were given away to teens who wanted to wear them this Wednesday. I had a wonderful discussion with one teen afterwards who said that her Christian friend belongs to the Gay-Straight Alliance in school. She told her friend how the gay lifestyle is wrong in so many ways – using scripture, arguments about the health ramifications, etc. She wanted more arguments to help convince her friend. I gave her the last of the t-shirts for her other Christian friends and the last packet of information on how to respond. Please continue in prayer this Wednesday as teens will need to be strong and stand up for the truth that homosexuality is not a lifestyle to be supported or encouraged and that they won’t be silent about the truth that the GLBT lifestyles are destructive, unnatural and that GLBTs can change if they want to. Thanks so much for your involvement in spreading the news about this day and the importance of standing for the truth vs. caving in to the demands to be tolerant of the gay agenda in schools. God answered prayers and I believe He is raising up a generation of Teens who will stand for the truth! Lynette

9:16 AM Click here to view photos of Caleb Lucien doing food distribution in Pignon, Haiti.

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