Tuesday, September 9, 2003

September 9, 2003

11:07 AM Evidently WMBI is definitely running my taped devotionals this week because I just received this e-mail:

This morning…very, very early, I turned on my radio out of habit on my ride to work. Do you know how sometimes you do things out of habit and you don’t notice you did them? Well, that happened to me. All of the sudden I hear your voice in my car! I looked around, not sure why, because I didn’t expect you in there. I just didn’t know what was going on until it hit me that I’d turned on the radio and that you were in the radio talking…. Still, it was quite humorous after I realized what was going on. It certainly woke me up. Just wanted to share!

10:51 AM Steve Boisse saw what I wrote in last Friday’s weblog about Parky’s Hot Dogs and issued this challenge:

I would like to respectfully suggest that the best and greasiest dog and fries in Chicagoland is at Gene & Jude’s Red Hot Stand in River Grove on River Road. This is the quintessential hotdog stand. Dogs (Vienna of course), fresh cut fries, great sport peppers, NO ketchup, and tamales. The only thing missing is a cardiologist to open your heart back up after eating them. I usually get two with everything and a cola. You can eat there at the standup counter by the window or take them home and smell up the house for a day. I am therefore formally inviting you to a dog taste test. I ride down to your place, we ride over to Parky’s grab a dog, ride back to Gene and Jude’s grab a dog and write our reviews. Name the Saturday and I’ll be there. The BIg DOg, Steve (with everything including hot peppers) Boisse

I have heard about Gene and Jude’s many times, but have never eaten there. One of these fall Saturdays Steve and I will have to do a bike ride to Parky’s and then to Gene and Jude’s to check it out. 8:29 AM A friend wrote asking about Christian literature in Italian to give to his 81-year-old father. My friend writes:

Since Italian is his native language, we both determined he should get some Literature in Italian to see if it will touch his heart before his time here on earth is over. Not to mention that today is the day of salvation. He was born in Italy in 1922. As you can see he’s almost at the veil; as a matter of fact he keeps announcing to us that he’s days are now short, could it be the holy spirit prompting him, or maybe us to at least give him the gospel? Can you help me get him some books or literature (in Italian) about what a Christian believes and how to make the decision on how to be saved?

Does anyone out there have any leads on good evangelical literature in Italian? If so, please send me an e-mail. 8:26 AM Received a nice letter from a man in Africa who receives the weekly sermons via e-mail. (Incidentally, this week’s sermon goes out to 1492 people in America and around the world.) I’ve never met him in person and have never been to Ghana. It’s great to partner with him via the Internet in the work of the Lord.

Dear Pastor, I am always encouraged by your sermons and as I indicated to you sometime ago, I am a lay preacher in a Presbyterian Church in Accra-Ghana. I do sometime use your sermon to educate our members. This sermon ‘Come before winter’ I have given copies to all the elders ‘Presbyters’ in my Church, and I hope it will be a blessing to them. Pastor, God bless you and have long life and be a blessing to many including me. Thank you. Henry Nti-Boakye Snr. Computer Operator Accra, Ghana

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