Tuesday, September 7, 2004

September 7, 2004

5:17 PM I’m holding in my hands a lovely new book called “A Mountain Rainbow” by Debbie Hodson. Let me quote from the back cover: “Set in the Southern Appalachians in the late 1930s, A Mountain Rainbow is the heartwarming story of Nellie who carries a lifelong love of the region in her heart.” The story is beautifully illustrated with watercolor illustrations by Miriam Moyer on every page. If you love the mountains, especially the Appalachians of Kentucky and West Virginia, you will find “A Mountain Rainbow” enchanting. I am drawn to it because I know Debbie Hodson very well. Her husband Roy is the General Director of the Scripture Memory Mountain Mission in Emmalena, Kentucky. That’s the mission of our own Miss Eva Lodgaard, and it’s the home of one of my favorite places, Camp Nathanael. Roy and Debbie live on the banks of Troublesome Creek. They know and love the people and the land of southeastern Kentucky. You can’t buy the book through Amazon, but you can order it from IvyStone Press, P.O. Box 50, Emmalena, KY 41740. It’s a little jewel of a book, a colorful journey into a different world. The dedication reads “For all who cherish the beauty and culture found in the mountains of Appalachia.” Our copy arrived today, and I’m borrowing it long enough to write this note. Then I’m giving it back to Marlene so she read it tonight. 5:12 PM Don’t forget that the Awana program for children starts tomorrow night. We are still taking registration for all ages (3 yrs – 6th grade). Adults leaders and helpers are still needed in some of the clubs. For more information, check out the Awana website at www.awana.org.This is just the beginning of 29 weeks of fun and learning about Jesus! It all begins at 6:45 PM tomorrow night! I don’t know of a better, more effective, more biblically based ministry to children than Awana. By the way, you don’t have to attend Calvary to send your children to Awana. It’s open to all children, regardless of church affiliation. (Hat tip to Lynnean Celmer.) 6:32 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Becky Pippert on Repenting and Rejoicing. 6:14 AM Counting down the days … 1 day until the Concert of Prayer for “God Speaks Today” 5 days until the “God Speaks Today” series begins. 16 days until “First Watch” begins.

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