Tuesday, September 28, 2004

September 28, 2004

11:29 AM Sunday was my birthday, but we were too busy to celebrate so tonight Marlene and Mark are taking me to a restaurant in Chicago. Special thanks to the Bowman children for singing “Happy Birthday” on our answering machine. That put a smile on my face. Thanks to those gave the fudge, the apple pie, and the chocolate. I’ve put them all to the best possible use. I received a big handful of birthday cards, including one that was signed, “You’re doin’ good. Anthony Trader,” and “Your best budy. Love, Jacob.” He spelled “buddy” with one “d” instead of two. And that made me smile too. Harry Blum sent me a note signed from “Your 81 year old bike riding buddy.” Speaking of which, I’m at 2655 miles for the year. Perhaps my favorite card showed Noah’s Ark on the front, with this inscription: “If Noah were filling his ark today … He’d have a hard time finding another one like you!” Then this handwritten addition: “I’m sure Marlene would agree with that.” 11:26 AM Two days until First Watch for men has its second meeting. We will begin serving breakfast this Thursday at 5:45 AM. Last week almost 150 men came to the first-ever First Watch at Calvary. Won’t you join us this week? 11:25 AM Go, Cubs, Go!

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