Tuesday, November 11, 2003

November 11, 2003

9:35 PM I spent an exciting hour tonight with our Power Connection junior high ministry. They invited me for the annual “Stump Pastor Ray” question night. Because they gave me the questions in advance, I was better prepared than usual, but they still tricked me on a very easy question: “What’s the shortest verse in the Bible?” (Hint: It’s not “Jesus wept.” Another hint: It’s in the book of Job, and the “trick” answer only works in the NIV. For any other hints, ask a junior higher.) 2:05 PM I spoke at Timothy Christian High School this morning on “What will it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul?” Megan Keating, Rachel Jones and Tara Cooper dropped by say hello. I also saw Ben, Sharon and Ruth Dodgson. Yesterday I saw Kim Boerman. Lots of Calvary/OPCA connections in the grammar school and the high school. The students are enthusiastic, responsive, and seem to be listening intently. They performed an original skit just before I spoke that set the stage nicely for my message. I’ve been very impressed with everyone I’ve met so far. 12:18 PM Further Cornerstone update: Later today the cornerstone will be sealed. We have placed inside the cornerstone (in the same metal container that was used in 1921) a variety of items relating to our church—plus we kept the items that were placed there originally. Bruce Lavenau wrote a letter (slightly revised by Davis Duggins) addressed “To Future Generations” that will be placed in the cornerstone to be read when it is opened at some point in the far distant future. The letter is too long to reproduce all of it on the weblog. Here are the first few sentences:

November 11, 2003 To: Future Generations From: Pastors and Elders of Calvary Memorial Church As representatives of Calvary Memorial Church, we express our love and affection to you who follow after us. We thank the Lord for His multitude of blessings. We share the thoughts of the psalmist: “Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion endureth throughout all generations” (Psalm 145:13 KJV). There is a day coming when we will all – past, present, and future – be united with Him. Until then, we pray that you will continue to proclaim faithfully the “Good News” of salvation through Jesus Christ and Him alone.

To read the entire letter, click here.

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