Tuesday, May 25, 2004

May 25, 2004

12:28 PM Cardinal Francis George has sent a letter to priests in the Chicago area instructing them not to serve communion to Catholics who wear a rainbow sash to church this Sunday. The sash is a symbol of a group of gay Catholics who challenge the traditional Catholic teaching regarding homosexual behavior. In his memo to the priests, Cardinal George notes that those who come to church this Sunday (Pentecost Sunday) wearing a rainbow sash will be doing so as a direct challenge to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. Every pastor and every priest and every church leader in America will eventually have to fall on one side or the other of this great moral debate. Is homosexuality sinful? Do we truly believe what the Bible says? Are we willing to deny fellowship to those who openly flout their immorality and then expect to be a part of the church? There is no middle ground regarding homosexuality. Denying communion is a drastic step. It’s a last resort when other means have failed. But there comes a time when leaders must draw a line in the sand and say, “Thus far and no farther.” When people come to church wearing a symbol of their defiance, they should not be served communion. It’s not easy being a spiritual leader in these days of widespread moral confusion. God bless Cardinal George for taking this courageous stand. May his tribe increase. 8:01 AM Coming this Sunday—Part 2 of “God Has a Big Family.” I managed to get through three of the Key Words in the first service, and only through 1 of the Key Words in the last two services. I decided not to rush through the rest because this is vital truth for us to understand. God willing, this Sunday we’ll finish our treatment of “I believe in the holy catholic church.” 7:53 AM Leftover details from the Great Chicago Hot Dog Challenge … From James Warner:

Gary Rhebergen & I used to hit either Cock Robin (generally the Cermak Road one) or Parky’s for fries when we would go out cruising in the mid ’70s. A real bargain, too, since a bag of Parky’s fries was about a quarter then. And gasoline at well under a dollar per gallon, too. Come to think of it, one of the cars Gary drove didn’t even burn gasoline. It used diesel!

From Bob Johnsen:

I cast a resounding vote for TASTY DOGS. You were aggressive in support before they moved across the street. One with everything is stupendous. I had a Parky’s after the trip to the Fireside last Friday and as for Gene and Jude’s -it was a mainstay to the family for more than 20 years. Both soak the potatoes in lard- and at Rehab at Gottleib-Gene and Jude’s was on their PROHIBITION LIST. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK— The fries contribute mightily to clogged arteries. Pricewise – Parky’s at $1.99 and Gene and Jude— $1.60 At TASTY DOG—-you buy rhe Hot Dog loaded with trimmings . You have to order fries separately. What do you want—the dog or the fries???

Lydia Tan passes along several recommendations for other places to check out, including Super Dawn Drive-In, Top Notch Beefburgers, Moody Pub, and a placed called Weiner’s Circle. 7:48 AM Gene Heidt points out at a new Jimmy John’s opened on the site of the old Tasty Dog on Lake Street in Oak Park, about four blocks east of the church. This is good news. 7:46 PM Today’s entry on the Crosswalk weblog is called When We Stop Playing Games.

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