Tuesday, May 17, 2005

May 17, 2005

7:39 AM I am pleased to announce the newest “extreme sport.” It’s called extreme ironing. Be sure and clicking on the “Galleries” link in the left-hand column. It’s all about ironing in unusual places (underwater, in a busy street, on a mountaintop, in the desert) and the having someone take a picture. Here’s a sport I could get into, except for the ironing part. 6:36 AM Doesn’t everyone believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution? These scientists say no. 6:34 AM Here’s the latest news on the Dead Sea Scrolls. 6:16 AM Steve Boisse send me a very important reminder:

Ray, Don’t forget-it’s “Grillin’ and Chillin’ Week” on the Food Network. There were two shows I saw tonight. One was on the hot dog, the other compared the three foundational styles of BBQ-Texas, Kansas City and Southern. So much food…So little time. Steve

6:00 AM A big Tuesday shout-out to the leaders of the Awana boys T&T clubs: Rob Gaskill Jonathan Spann Baird Shattuck Danny Beyer Zach Marklevitz Brendan Yoder Kyle Kempton George Baleanu Dan Nugent Bill Daniel Andre Payne Sean Kidd Jon Xavier Sandy Albecker Don Childs Elissa Spann

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