Tuesday, May 10, 2005

May 10, 2005

4:48 PM Tuesday shout-out to Elizabeth Giles, Mark Bailey, Eric Dixon, Dennis Baker, Glen Wiersema, Chad and Michelle Wiersema, Kathryn McBride, Murray Clugston, John Udovich in Iraq, Wayne and Norma Pederson, Sharon Lund, Rick Ezell, Rob and Jan Culton in Williams, OR, and to my special friends John and Jean Emmans. John served as pastor of our church from 1952-1958. 4:46 PM A big Tuesday shout-out to Chuck Csakai and the gang headed out to the Golf Retreat this weekend. I used to go on that retreat until one year I put a pizza (and the pizza carton) in the oven to warm it up and nearly burned down a rented condo. I retired after that.

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